'Gnaz Tap Pick


'Gnaz Tap Pick is a pick particular of 3.5 mm. thick made of Kevlar. Its caratterisca form insertions from the calculation of an angle of incidence appropriate it accelerates the fluidity in the execution, producing crystal clear sound.

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'Gnaz Tap Size

'Gnaz Tap Pick is a special 3.5-mm-thick pick made of Kevlar. Its special shape is determined by calculating an appropriate incidence angle. This improves its fluidity when playing, which results in a crystal clear sound.

This special edition of the Elastic pick has been produced and licensed by Essetipicks. It enables a distinct and shrill sound and its special strap is ideal for virtuoso players.

'Gnaz Tap pick takes its name from Ignazio Di Salvo, director and teacher at the Modern Music Institute in Milan, Italy, and was created to cater to Di Salvo’s virtuoso playing. 'Gnaz Tap pick is ideal to play the Tap Pick technique, which employs up to 8 fingers in Tapping along with the simultaneous use of the pick.

Classic L. 26 x 29 mm.                               Left Handed / Right Handed 

Mini     L. 23 x 26 mm.                                Left Handed / Right Handed 

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