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Le plectre "M-Picks" est conçu pour permettre l'utilisation de tous les doigts de la main droite (y compris le pouce).

L e M-Picks "Elastik" est un plectre classique comme ceux auxquels vous êtes déjà habitués. Il doit en effet  être utilisé et tenu de la même manière, mais il permet en même temps de pincer les cordes avec tous les doigts de la main, indépendamment du fait de devoir tenir le plectre

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Elastik Picks

Elastik pick was invented to let you freely use all of your fingers while playing (including thumb).

Elastik pick is available in different shapes and thicknesses.It can be used as a normal flatpicking pick or as a thumbpick.

The ergonomic properties of the rubber band result in an exceptionally comfortable holding pick and let you play different techniques at once.

You can switch between flatpicking and fingerpicking without even having to think about it.

The Elastik Pick offers different possibilities of use. By fitting the Elasik Pick as illustrated, the pick is locked between the elastic and thumb. This system is the one that offers the greatest number of combiazioni techniques used simultaneously. Can be used as a plectrum traditional, which allows the use of the fingers for pizzacare the ropes. Can be used alone as ThumbPicks (plectrum from Thumb) to pluck the strings without support.

It allows you to perform techniques that require the palm lower poliice (technique used booed particularly with distortion). Prevents you from accidentally touch and stop the strings with the rubber band.

The Elastik Pick can be used just like a traditional guitar pick. Overthrowing the elastic as shown plectrum occurs outside the elastic. In this way, the elastic not immobilizes the plectrum but exerts only a supporting function. Once booted the Elastik Pick spacing braces as shown bringing over the first phalanx the elastic. It is important to space out well suspenders to avoid touching the strings at runtime.


This function is recommended for those who often loses a pick while running. Allows you to utilize the fingers to pluck the strings, or to perform alternative techniques that employ the help of other fingers like the Tapping.

The Elastik Picks can be oriented and directed with the inclination you desire is possible to rotate the pick up to direct it outside the two elastic braces. This method is suitable for those who often plays with the technique Strumming (plettrata alternating accompaniment that strikes all the strings).

Using this position, the elastic band remains less exposed to the risk of coming in contact with the strings during execution.

It is recommended for those who often performs strumming techniques cover the elastic strap more exposed (external) with insulating tape ..

As for the technique of Strumming The use of the adhesive is recommended for insulating the outer strap even techniques. fingerpicking (+ finger plectrum) .

Apply protective tape having shod the pick so that elastic strap to take the correct extension. Your elastic will carry piaccidentale with ropes using tape that will increase the stabilization of the pick.

The elastik Pick mode offers different grip. By fitting the Elasik Pick as illustrated, the pick is stuck on the index finger. This system is ideal for those who need to keep free thumb ..

Particularly suitable for playing bass toggles the technique of Slap with that of the pick.

L'Elastic Pick consists of an elastic very resistant but not exercised a pull in the opposite direction of the pick from the strap .

After use elastic strap and take a pick at the same time to remove it from finger

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